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It's all gone,... ODD  
01:41pm 16/09/2008
Johnny Doormat
Well, now that things have calmed down a bit, well hell, all kinds of oddities

First, our landlords decided they didn't like Australia that much after all, and they where coming home, much earlier than they originally told us, you know, right in the middle of wedding preparations, which didn't help the stress levels any. On the plus side, even without a physical land address to RSVP too, most people can come, although I must admit we keep forgetting to give out the invites to all the local people, given how far away it is (and that they're local) I think we might be alright there however.

We did manage to find a new place, much closer to Uni than the last one, it's quite a bit smaller, but given the upcoming wedding we decided to just get a place for ourselves rather than carry on group-flatting, even though it's going to be quite a bit more expensive, but we're not quite sure how much more expensive right now. At least the moving company didn't cost much, and made things really really fast, all done in 4 hours. Maybe the position will end up better still if ELS gets this job up at the Uni too, three year contract should offer some stability, not to mention get her out of the house where she appears to be driving herself crazy :"3

The only fatalities during the move have been one glass (still in box, other 5 fine, no marks on the box either) and the microwave, which after attracting some ants was sprayed, and later used, exploded, and has gone to digital heaven with all the calculators. Only real problems thus far is we're down about two really serious sets of shelves and probably the same region of draws (or scotch chests) so we're going to go get some, and a pantry, I don't think the last person who lived there actually ate and/or used the kitchen because there's just nowhere to put anything.

Serious lack of new content, I want to be able to buy DVD's and the like again, but nothings set up for watching, and I don't have the money, it's all rather annoying. I'm thinking AV cabinet, Sub, BR player, and movies, problem is (given my tastes) that this will be in the region of $6k straight up, with any movies on top, which is rather vexing, there's no way I can pull this off right now with the wedding stuff coming up.
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