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02:28pm 17/03/2008
Johnny Doormat
Three weeks in Thailand went pretty quick all things considered so this might ramble on a bit (and probably in parts as I'm at work now) so don't consider this post finished until the credits roll.

Many temples seen, palaces, ruins, history, family, beaches, food (lots of food), shopping (also lots). Enough shopping infact that I literally walked my ass off, after about 6 solid days of shopping I needed a day off with tiger balm from the butt-checks down.

Adjusting to being back in New Zealand is proving a lot harder than adjusting to arriving in Thailand was, I think primary because staying up 6 hours later (in Thailand) was easy, while waking up 6 hours early (back home) is hard. The food also, the 'disruption' from adjusting to Thai food was very minor, my body it seems however has decided it now HATES New Zealand food for the immediate future.

The only big-ish item I bought (for me) was an EF-S 55-250mm telephoto lens, which works about to something like 88-400mm equivalent (against a standard 35mm format lens) because of the short-back focus system. The zoom is nice (My guess is about 15x but that's guesswork on my part and I should really look it up). I can frame something around my feet/knees without any problems so I haven't found the minimum focal distance of ~110cm any problem as yet. Do need to be mindful of which lens to leg around now though, maybe I need a utility belt/vest or something for all this camera stuff now. I got a 4gig CF card for about 25% of the Auckland duty free shop cost although I think that shop was just hell bent on maximum gouging. Now I just want to get a 58mm circular polarising filter and the ET60 lens hood and that'll be me for a while.

Everything else was small stuff (well, for me at least), and overall, I think I only just spent more on stuff for myself (including food) than the tickets. We only went over with ~7kgs of luggage (counting suitcase weight) and came back with, well,... lots. Some 45kgs of checked luggage and probably at least another 20 carried on. I certainly don't need to buy any more pants for a while, that's for sure.

I have about 5 gigs of photos (which is actually less photos than you might think, maybe 400 or so I think?), some of which should be pretty post-able so I'll work on that tonight once I update all my windows EOS software to cope with CR2 raw files. It turns out that I need (and cannot find) my original EOS-DSD install disc, interbutt to the rescue, albeit slowly.
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02:04am 20/03/2008 (UTC)
Johnny Doormat
The food was certainly excellent, kind of threw the local fare (and service) into sharp relief (charitable PG version comment).

True, I only posted that one so far, really need to get off my can.

Feel free to come over any time, I'm sure we can swing something over easter.
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