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Damn computers  
11:38am 21/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
God damn it, I need to finish last years annual report for work and all the financial information I need can only be reached through an online reports database, the problem here is that the database front end sucks an entire bag of dicks, not one or two or three but many.

And apparently what I got for my birthday while visiting my brother (and family) was a stomach bug from the kids birthday party so I'm spending half my time at the office running for the toilet and the other fruitlessly prodding this hate powered database query system whose apparent purpose is to mill misery and unintelligible screen-punching rage.


Dear god the second set of shots is much worse than the first, an entire day on the precipice of chuck doesn't seem like much fun really.
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01:00am 21/01/2008 (UTC)
Johnny Doormat
Dang, hope it hasn't been too, err,... sprinty or upset your diet, being sick is bad enough, but putting you off your food is a step too far.

No party as yet, was thinking of going out to dinner next weekend, Saturday night or similar but we'll have to see, maybe just a nice meal at home.
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