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11:14am 11/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
So I got myself poisoned, sorry, "immunised" this morning, ADT vaccine (Tetanus/Dihptheria) and it feels like someones punched me in the arm a while ago, dull background pain. Oh yeah, and the mild headache and nausea, at least I only got mild side-effects, some of the others sound like real doozies.

Only the combined Hep-A/Hep-B series of shots to go starting Tuesday (joy) and starting on the malaria prophylaxis pills (Doxycycline) before I go (then every day for seven weeks). Hope I'm not one of the unlucky ones (10%) who get doxy side effects as they both sound crap (Photosensitivity and/or GERD).

[Edit] OK, the Twinrix combination hepatitis shots make you feel like crap too. For bonus discomfort I've now had intramuscular shots in both my deltoids, so I can raise neither of my arms properly and they both ache, at least it's minor.


Part 2; An ode to Rightbutt.

Somewhere on the floor of where I work, there is a man, a man whose anus must be in the middle of their right butt cheek (as opposed to it's normal, more central location). This is the only conclusion I can reach after witnessing on several occasions the aftermath of their attendance.

Leaving a freshly pinched loaf (or visible tangible poo-ghost of a smear) piled up on one side of the loo for the next person is just all different kinds of nasty, nasty that flushing won't budge. Seriously the only people who have to clean up other peoples shit are parents (who chose their path), slaves and cleaners (who get paid for this), so are these shit-smear leavers children? do they consider themselves royalty? or do they not care about the people that come after them (i.e. selfish wankers)?

Either way they need a reality check. Reach for the brush you selfish prick, your hand won't fall off and if you think you're going to chip a nail cleaning up after yourself it's time to consider getting more fiber in your diet.

[Edit] Again! Curse you Rightbutt!
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11:27pm 12/01/2008 (UTC)
Poor you baby. HUG

You do better than me. If I got a shots I would cry! or afraid all night.

An ode to Right Butt:

Everywhere we go or live with one, we often meet this kind of lazy people.. I still not get pay because nobody care to tell me that I have to write my time sheet. FUCKERRR
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