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02:25pm 18/09/2008
Johnny Doormat
AGKUJHSKIHSDJFJK! Syllabine Fragments is up somewhere on the membra.mediatrix.co.nz site and I can't smegging find it (which is possibly due to Firefox hating something about the frames on the membra site and me hating IE too much to (a) use it, and (b) point it there)

[Edit] Yeah, the browser I have at work just hates the frames and popup click-regioning on the frontpage, I'll do this at home.

This is vexing because (many moons ago) I mailed Michel my 5 pacific pesos for SF (when he was living in Wellington, I don't know, circa 1998? I really long time ago) and never got it (or he never got my $5, i suspect this more than case A) which, ahem, fucking sucks, Achromaticia is still the only album of theirs that I have (yes, legit copy, support NZ music fuckers).

Maybe I should mug Colly for a copy, not keen on that option, but it's not like I can go out and buy it. Perhaps if I rip (wince) a copy and then mail Michel a bottle of Chartreuse as barter/appeasement, or maybe it's only Colly that likes that one.

Still, taken me, what, 4 months to catch the She's Lost project, now been and gone, although I will try and snag what remains (the parts remaining as legit downloads still) when I get home from the office.

Gods, really does make you wonder where everyone has gone. Aroha street people, Logan et al, Dillon Burke, Tamlyn (fangirl magnet), the loss makes me cringe in my business shirt.
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