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Holy crap, two weeks.  
12:28pm 05/02/2008
Johnny Doormat
Yesh, last shots this morning, arm hurts, nausea rising, worse than the first two shots by far. I think I might head home truth to tell, this is not fun. And the Doxy starts next week, that doesn't sound like it'll be fun either, at least the nurse gave me a few tips about it this morning which should help.

Otherwise, wow, only two weeks to go and the jetsetting begins. Off to Thailand for three weeks, first non-work trip out of the country, I have been reading about it, but theory and practice are separated by a gulf of significant experience. This is ameliorated somewhat by the fact we'll be staying with locals, and apparently there is quite the itinerary planned, I guess I'll find out soon.

I want an arcade cabinet, random thought. And a classic pinball machine, something like Addams Family or Dr Who for preference. And probably a DDR machine, of some kind. They're actually cheaper than I thought, although finding someone who will ship them to NZ is turning out to be kind of a bummer. Still, these are all considerations for the distant future really, need a house to put all these things in, and that has the feeling of many years hence.
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