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Happy Birthday to Me  
05:28pm 16/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
Well, not for a few more days yet. But Ratatouille came out today so I picked that up for me and as expected the other Pixar stuff was on special too so I got another copy of Cars to replace the one that got nicked during one of the previous parties (and I hope the perpetrator gets Cancer).

Ratatouille was pretty good. Now I just need $5000 to finish up on the HT side and I'll probably watch it again, actually I'd probably watch lots of stuff again. Hrm, also add +1 couch of not KILLING MY ASS, which I'm sure won't be cheap.


After being told (in no uncertain terms) that one of our online projects was going to be terminated (with extreme prejudice) I find myself mildly perplexed that some indeterminate months later they have in-fact, completely restored the project and all its resources. Unfortunately since the project owner/starter lost their email address (with a change of jobs) some time shortly thereafter we missed the email with whatever the resolution was that resulted in the resumption of service. I'm just glad all the work isn't lost (I was pretty miffed), although I did immediately back up the site just in case this is some kind of miracle short term reprieve or mistake.
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