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02:25pm 18/09/2008
Johnny Doormat
AGKUJHSKIHSDJFJK! Syllabine Fragments is up somewhere on the membra.mediatrix.co.nz site and I can't smegging find it (which is possibly due to Firefox hating something about the frames on the membra site and me hating IE too much to (a) use it, and (b) point it there)

[Edit] Yeah, the browser I have at work just hates the frames and popup click-regioning on the frontpage, I'll do this at home.

This is vexing because (many moons ago) I mailed Michel my 5 pacific pesos for SF (when he was living in Wellington, I don't know, circa 1998? I really long time ago) and never got it (or he never got my $5, i suspect this more than case A) which, ahem, fucking sucks, Achromaticia is still the only album of theirs that I have (yes, legit copy, support NZ music fuckers).

Maybe I should mug Colly for a copy, not keen on that option, but it's not like I can go out and buy it. Perhaps if I rip (wince) a copy and then mail Michel a bottle of Chartreuse as barter/appeasement, or maybe it's only Colly that likes that one.

Still, taken me, what, 4 months to catch the She's Lost project, now been and gone, although I will try and snag what remains (the parts remaining as legit downloads still) when I get home from the office.

Gods, really does make you wonder where everyone has gone. Aroha street people, Logan et al, Dillon Burke, Tamlyn (fangirl magnet), the loss makes me cringe in my business shirt.
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It's all gone,... ODD  
01:41pm 16/09/2008
Johnny Doormat
Well, now that things have calmed down a bit, well hell, all kinds of oddities

First, our landlords decided they didn't like Australia that much after all, and they where coming home, much earlier than they originally told us, you know, right in the middle of wedding preparations, which didn't help the stress levels any. On the plus side, even without a physical land address to RSVP too, most people can come, although I must admit we keep forgetting to give out the invites to all the local people, given how far away it is (and that they're local) I think we might be alright there however.

We did manage to find a new place, much closer to Uni than the last one, it's quite a bit smaller, but given the upcoming wedding we decided to just get a place for ourselves rather than carry on group-flatting, even though it's going to be quite a bit more expensive, but we're not quite sure how much more expensive right now. At least the moving company didn't cost much, and made things really really fast, all done in 4 hours. Maybe the position will end up better still if ELS gets this job up at the Uni too, three year contract should offer some stability, not to mention get her out of the house where she appears to be driving herself crazy :"3

The only fatalities during the move have been one glass (still in box, other 5 fine, no marks on the box either) and the microwave, which after attracting some ants was sprayed, and later used, exploded, and has gone to digital heaven with all the calculators. Only real problems thus far is we're down about two really serious sets of shelves and probably the same region of draws (or scotch chests) so we're going to go get some, and a pantry, I don't think the last person who lived there actually ate and/or used the kitchen because there's just nowhere to put anything.

Serious lack of new content, I want to be able to buy DVD's and the like again, but nothings set up for watching, and I don't have the money, it's all rather annoying. I'm thinking AV cabinet, Sub, BR player, and movies, problem is (given my tastes) that this will be in the region of $6k straight up, with any movies on top, which is rather vexing, there's no way I can pull this off right now with the wedding stuff coming up.
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(no subject)  
10:47am 15/04/2008
Johnny Doormat
Oh gods, I stopped taking doxy [that would be doxycycline hyclate] on Sunday and wow, shitty shit side effects from coming off are totally disgusting

Woozy unsteady headache unfocused nausea

Kind of like the first couple of days I started taking it, but much worse

I think I'm gonna try and find that malaria vaccine for next time because this sucks ass
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Back already  
02:28pm 17/03/2008
Johnny Doormat
Three weeks in Thailand went pretty quick all things considered so this might ramble on a bit (and probably in parts as I'm at work now) so don't consider this post finished until the credits roll.

Many temples seen, palaces, ruins, history, family, beaches, food (lots of food), shopping (also lots). Enough shopping infact that I literally walked my ass off, after about 6 solid days of shopping I needed a day off with tiger balm from the butt-checks down.

Adjusting to being back in New Zealand is proving a lot harder than adjusting to arriving in Thailand was, I think primary because staying up 6 hours later (in Thailand) was easy, while waking up 6 hours early (back home) is hard. The food also, the 'disruption' from adjusting to Thai food was very minor, my body it seems however has decided it now HATES New Zealand food for the immediate future.

The only big-ish item I bought (for me) was an EF-S 55-250mm telephoto lens, which works about to something like 88-400mm equivalent (against a standard 35mm format lens) because of the short-back focus system. The zoom is nice (My guess is about 15x but that's guesswork on my part and I should really look it up). I can frame something around my feet/knees without any problems so I haven't found the minimum focal distance of ~110cm any problem as yet. Do need to be mindful of which lens to leg around now though, maybe I need a utility belt/vest or something for all this camera stuff now. I got a 4gig CF card for about 25% of the Auckland duty free shop cost although I think that shop was just hell bent on maximum gouging. Now I just want to get a 58mm circular polarising filter and the ET60 lens hood and that'll be me for a while.

Everything else was small stuff (well, for me at least), and overall, I think I only just spent more on stuff for myself (including food) than the tickets. We only went over with ~7kgs of luggage (counting suitcase weight) and came back with, well,... lots. Some 45kgs of checked luggage and probably at least another 20 carried on. I certainly don't need to buy any more pants for a while, that's for sure.

I have about 5 gigs of photos (which is actually less photos than you might think, maybe 400 or so I think?), some of which should be pretty post-able so I'll work on that tonight once I update all my windows EOS software to cope with CR2 raw files. It turns out that I need (and cannot find) my original EOS-DSD install disc, interbutt to the rescue, albeit slowly.
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Due care  
09:31pm 17/02/2008
Johnny Doormat
One should refrain from referring to personnel in designated areas as 'minions' or 'denizens', while you might find applying such demarcation amusing, higher level bureaucrats with a high notice check and low humour score are often enraged.

Writing officious reports late into your weekend makes you think some REALLY weird stuff.

I wish one of my employers bureaucrats (Grade 11) was a beholder.


First day on Doxy was utterly hideous, although it is subsiding somewhat on day 2. I hope by the time I arrive in Thailand it's kind of normal as spending the next seven weeks being driven chair gnawing angry by this stuff wouldn't exactly be the best way to make a favourable impression.
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Holy crap, two weeks.  
12:28pm 05/02/2008
Johnny Doormat
Yesh, last shots this morning, arm hurts, nausea rising, worse than the first two shots by far. I think I might head home truth to tell, this is not fun. And the Doxy starts next week, that doesn't sound like it'll be fun either, at least the nurse gave me a few tips about it this morning which should help.

Otherwise, wow, only two weeks to go and the jetsetting begins. Off to Thailand for three weeks, first non-work trip out of the country, I have been reading about it, but theory and practice are separated by a gulf of significant experience. This is ameliorated somewhat by the fact we'll be staying with locals, and apparently there is quite the itinerary planned, I guess I'll find out soon.

I want an arcade cabinet, random thought. And a classic pinball machine, something like Addams Family or Dr Who for preference. And probably a DDR machine, of some kind. They're actually cheaper than I thought, although finding someone who will ship them to NZ is turning out to be kind of a bummer. Still, these are all considerations for the distant future really, need a house to put all these things in, and that has the feeling of many years hence.
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Damn computers  
11:38am 21/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
God damn it, I need to finish last years annual report for work and all the financial information I need can only be reached through an online reports database, the problem here is that the database front end sucks an entire bag of dicks, not one or two or three but many.

And apparently what I got for my birthday while visiting my brother (and family) was a stomach bug from the kids birthday party so I'm spending half my time at the office running for the toilet and the other fruitlessly prodding this hate powered database query system whose apparent purpose is to mill misery and unintelligible screen-punching rage.


Dear god the second set of shots is much worse than the first, an entire day on the precipice of chuck doesn't seem like much fun really.
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Happy Birthday to Me  
05:28pm 16/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
Well, not for a few more days yet. But Ratatouille came out today so I picked that up for me and as expected the other Pixar stuff was on special too so I got another copy of Cars to replace the one that got nicked during one of the previous parties (and I hope the perpetrator gets Cancer).

Ratatouille was pretty good. Now I just need $5000 to finish up on the HT side and I'll probably watch it again, actually I'd probably watch lots of stuff again. Hrm, also add +1 couch of not KILLING MY ASS, which I'm sure won't be cheap.


After being told (in no uncertain terms) that one of our online projects was going to be terminated (with extreme prejudice) I find myself mildly perplexed that some indeterminate months later they have in-fact, completely restored the project and all its resources. Unfortunately since the project owner/starter lost their email address (with a change of jobs) some time shortly thereafter we missed the email with whatever the resolution was that resulted in the resumption of service. I'm just glad all the work isn't lost (I was pretty miffed), although I did immediately back up the site just in case this is some kind of miracle short term reprieve or mistake.
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11:14am 11/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
So I got myself poisoned, sorry, "immunised" this morning, ADT vaccine (Tetanus/Dihptheria) and it feels like someones punched me in the arm a while ago, dull background pain. Oh yeah, and the mild headache and nausea, at least I only got mild side-effects, some of the others sound like real doozies.

Only the combined Hep-A/Hep-B series of shots to go starting Tuesday (joy) and starting on the malaria prophylaxis pills (Doxycycline) before I go (then every day for seven weeks). Hope I'm not one of the unlucky ones (10%) who get doxy side effects as they both sound crap (Photosensitivity and/or GERD).

[Edit] OK, the Twinrix combination hepatitis shots make you feel like crap too. For bonus discomfort I've now had intramuscular shots in both my deltoids, so I can raise neither of my arms properly and they both ache, at least it's minor.


Part 2; An ode to Rightbutt.

Somewhere on the floor of where I work, there is a man, a man whose anus must be in the middle of their right butt cheek (as opposed to it's normal, more central location). This is the only conclusion I can reach after witnessing on several occasions the aftermath of their attendance.

Leaving a freshly pinched loaf (or visible tangible poo-ghost of a smear) piled up on one side of the loo for the next person is just all different kinds of nasty, nasty that flushing won't budge. Seriously the only people who have to clean up other peoples shit are parents (who chose their path), slaves and cleaners (who get paid for this), so are these shit-smear leavers children? do they consider themselves royalty? or do they not care about the people that come after them (i.e. selfish wankers)?

Either way they need a reality check. Reach for the brush you selfish prick, your hand won't fall off and if you think you're going to chip a nail cleaning up after yourself it's time to consider getting more fiber in your diet.

[Edit] Again! Curse you Rightbutt!
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Race for the bottom  
05:03pm 07/01/2008
Johnny Doormat
What the fuck is it with people these days, it's like everything is some kind of all singing all dancing competition to do the absolute least possible, seriously are these shit-dogs competing for the fat lazy fuck of the year award, is it like some badge of honor among the couch potato community or something? Is carrying that artery choking lardcicle wrapper another 4.38 meters to the bin really that much of a chore that you have to drop it where you stand before the effort involved causes the friction between your 16 pound fingers to lead to spontaneous combustion before it either gutters out on the rivulets of skanky grease sweat or you go up like a candle because of the fat that's leached straight off your ass into your muʻumuʻu.

I swear to god it never stops, if you can cut some corner (at someone else's expense) people will cue around the god damn block. From prepacked meals and takeaways which should come with a skull and crossbones on the box so you can save a few minutes now (and a few minutes later) to the lack of reading the actual ingredients list on what you're eating (which if you understood might give some pause) I'm almost glad you'll die sooner, but it still sucks for the people that care that air goes in and out and blood goes round and round for you, so the suck/awesome ratio would probably be shithouse, you know, on balance.

Maybe Jesus is wishing he could take a few things back, or maybe ask dad to add a new commandment or two. I can imagine it now, XI; I didn't make you do it. XII; I don't need theme parks.

Whats up next, these shrink wrapped kids and their helicopter parents are pissing me off pretty good right now but if I make fun of them they'll probably cry, either of them. But seriously, if your kid can't handle a no or a failure by the time they're 12 something is seriously fucking wrong in the axon cabana yo, you have kids so insulated from failure that one thing goes wrong and they off themselves because they can't handle it, and the idea that they're not automatically entitled to something or can be lost or has an effect beyond their me-dar are like alien fucking concepts. Who's brilliant idea is that shit, no-one succeeds all the time and real world studies show quite clearly that ignorance of a situation is no protection from the reality of the situation.

Quite frankly kids need to fall over, off their bikes, on their asses and eat some really shit tasting flowers after they've been told not too. Call me an ass if you want but if they don't learn to pick themselves up after something minor then the first major failure is going to blow their unprepared little rose colored fluff wrapped mind. This think-of-the-children celebrate mediocrity crap is now going all the way up to university and it shows, you don't get to interview over and over until you get the job, you just don't get the job, so why reinforce such a distorted idea into kids on the way up. Is it really ok to tell them they didn't do well enough so they need to pull finger? I mean I'm not for facing the corner with a dunce cap humiliation but please be fucking realistic, you see these vicario-parents yelling at the teacher because little Timmy is still eating the paste unless he's in a straight jacket and they just can't accept that they haven't spawned a prodigy who'll perform a groundbreaking major cardiothoracic surgery before they gets pubes. Then again you can get some miraculous shit from some pretty barren ground so there's always hope.

Better curtail this textwall before it gets out of hand or I blow my carotid or something.
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